Faerie Goddess Mothers of Gabriola

The Faerie Goddess Mothers of Gabriola 2022 calendar is more than just a calendar!

The Faerie Goddess Mothers of Gabriola 2022 calendar features a diverse group of women posing discreetly, in the nude, in the forest and other natural settings on Gabriola Island. The calendar is being created in real-time, Gabriola time; one photo per month, photographed over a span of 2020 & 2021. While it is clear we are nude, our private parts are covered! More than 50 amazing 50+ women are involved.

This is a tasteful, family friendly and joyful calendar, meant to remind ourselves and others that women remain vibrant, fun-loving and alive as we age—we will not be invisible.

The 2022 Faerie Goddess Calendar is a fundraiser for 12 charities selected by the women involved. Each purchase gives you the opportunity to vote, the proceeds will be divided based on the percentage of votes each organization receives.

Now is the time to pre-purchase this evocative 2022 fundraising calendar.

The only thing more beautiful than a woman who bares the marks of time is the woman who lifts up others who are going through the same.


Message from Dorothy, the original Faerie Goddess Mother

To find real beauty in a woman, I look to her strength, her genuine strength; the kind that is forged and tempered as part of a fully-lived life. I’m not talking about the vigour needed to chop wood and start the fire every morning, although for many of us that is the case.

But rather, I mean the strength that comes when we’ve loved and lost too many times.

The strength that comes when we swallow our fears and release our children to learn from their own mistakes.

The strength that comes as we struggle through bouts of hopelessness—mental, financial, spiritual, physical — and still manage to find the light on the other side.

And now… the strength that comes as we face ageism.

When I invited the women to take part in the calendar project, I assumed that at this stage in their life, like me; they wouldn’t be concerned about modeling nude. And for most of the cases, this was true.

After all, these are the bodies of battle-worn, resilient women. Women who have been here for more than half a century. These women embrace every scar, both inside and out. They’ve gone through enough to say, “Bring it on…go ahead…I can do this!”

It’s through life’s hardships that we gain our strength. The only thing more beautiful than a woman who ‘bares’ the marks of time, is the woman who lifts up others who are going through the same. I consider myself blessed to live on an island where these women surround me.

Who’s creating the images?

Diane Green

Diane Green has traveled the world as a wildlife photographer. Her images can often be seen exhibited throughout locations on Gabriola. 

Diane has done an amazing job of capturing the beauty and wildness of the Faerie Goddess Mothers in their natural environment.

Deb Dallyn

Deb Dallyn is an artist and photographer. She loves working with the natural environment and the use of light, capturing the true spirit of her subject. 

Deb has definitely captured the essence of the Faerie Goddess Mothers, finding the perfect backdrop for their magic to shine through.

Danielle Noel

Danielle Noel is a visual artist, author and oracle creator. Along with her background in painting, film, and illustrative design she has merged her passion into one specialized field of visual expression.

This shines through as she ‘magicifies’ the photos, allowing the Faeries to show their wings within the magical environment nature provides.

And we couldn’t create this calendar without the behind the scenes assistance from – Monica Loew & Jan Moore who have never missed assisting at a photoshoot, as well as Adrianne Marskell – administration, and Amy Block – communications.”

As well as the artfully created goddess images, each month will be chock full of helpful, nature-based info!

Gardening Tips

Rosheen Holland and Bob Shields, founded the Good Earth Farm in 1993 and ran it together for 22 years until Bob passed away in 2015. Rosheen passed the farm on to a new owner in 2020.

Good Earth Farm, Located on Gabriola Island, produces mixed vegetables on about three acres using regenerative growing practices.

Rosheen Holland will be sharing a useful gardening tip for each month.


In the early nineties Diana Rose began a women’s healing circle which included song, dance and a talking circle. This circle became the inspiration and support for the many changes in her own life, and today she still feels a strong commitment to the importance of women celebrating together. Celebrating the wheel of the year’s 8 seasonal changes became a part of the women’s circle. In honouring these seasonal changes, we also acknowledge women’s connection to nature and to each other.

Diana shares her knowledge of these seasonal celebrations.

Focused Intentions

Elizabeth Holland is a water person, having raised two boys on a houseboat and sailed the south pacific.

Part of her healing personality is being a counsellor all of her adult life, a dula, herbalist, and she’s dabbled in the healing arts.

Coming from a long line of blue-eyed Scottish enchantresses, she understands how purpose and attitude can affect our daily lives. Elizabeth shares a focused intention for every month.

Herb of the Month

Each month you’ll read about the Herb of the Month.

An uber active gardener, Lady Leita Fey MCIn has also been working with herbs for 47 years having originally been taught by a medicine man followed by years of self-study.

Leita has now taken her granddaughter Kaia under her wing as a student. Leita shares herb wisdom every month.

Herb Photos

Herbalist Josee Velsen runs La Belle Vis Studio where she creates herbal teas, tincture, salves and much more. She is also an award-winning photographer.

Working with Leita, Josee is capturing the images of each herb of the month.