The photoshoots are inspiring and fun! The energy reaches all the way into my core. I breathe it in deep and it carries me for days. Then, when I have a low day, I often sit in my chair—just like I’m doing now and close my eyes to go back to one of the photoshoots. In minutes the positive energy those memories evoke surrounds me like a warm glow.

Today I’m going back to our photoshoot on April 26th when the faeries bathed in the full moon at Drumbeg. One of the goddesses, Josee, was celebrating her 55th birthday, and we celebrated with tea and snacks. Everyone chatted excitedly, making up for time lost or getting acquainted with someone new.

It was beautiful standing out on a hill, surrounded by calm waters, waiting for the moon to rise. When it did appear, it rose swiftly, and we ushered the faeries out to the rocks and driftwood. Deb Dallyn, our photographer shouted, “Hurry, the moon is rising fast, and we don’t want to lose it in the clouds. We have about 5 minutes!”

These amazing women jumped nimbly over rocks that I wouldn’t even tackle, and when they sat down, they were perfectly aligned. They looked stunning, all eight of them…their smiles radiant and bodies beautiful. We captured them in their element these Faerie Goddess Mothers, and I could already see the vision of their gossamer wings appearing.

Two faeries took a dip in the cool waters, an empowering full moon ritual, before raising their hands to the heavens in celebration of who they are…powerful, beautiful, wise women!

Faerie Goddess Mothers

Celebrating who we are…

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