Did you know that the Gabriola Agricultural Co-op is 89 years young? The co-op was incorporated in 1932 by local farmers and producers looking to serve the community in an ethical manner – that’s what co-ops are born to do!  It has survived economic turmoil, fires and a constantly changing cast of characters.

But the Agi Co-op is still going strong, we’re improving constantly by sticking to our ideals and staying active through our enthusiasm and commitment to the economic, social and cultural needs of our members.

We aim to continue to build on the wisdom that has been gained through the years of community engagement and activity. In the 21st century it still takes a dedicated team of board directors, volunteers, and members to keep us relevant.

These days we run three markets, organize workshops and events, rent out hall space, and are working toward more exciting new projects.

A huge thank you to everyone who supports our adventures and we look forward to serving you for at least another 89 as we continue to age like a fine wine that gets better with each passing year.