The Gabriola Museum has stepped up to purchase the McRae property and secure the existing public access to the trails grandfathered in by Stan and Maxine and to be stewards for over 95% (18.22 acres) of the land held in a conservation covenant. Hugging our current site, approximately one acre of this parcel has the potential to be sensitively developed for badly needed and long over-due museum space to create more indoor and outdoor exhibit space, Interpretive Native Plant Trail, a proper community archives, a presentation room, staff workspace, badly needed storage and potential for collaborative spaces with other organizations.

It was a leap of faith for us to jump in and make this purchase but we knew we had to do it. The support from the community has been inspiring. Donations continue to arrive weekly and we have reached our milestone of $90,000 (30%) by April 2021. Still we have a way to go to pay off our mortgages and fundraising helps ensure we can retire the mortgage as soon as possible. We hope to pay off 75% of the mortgages by April 2022. Any amount helps us tremendously! Thanks for your support!