Creating this calendar has carried me through Covid. It hasn’t just given me something to look forward to each month, it’s lifted my spirits so I can keep forging ahead, even in the darker times.

The first photo was taken in September 2020. Three of us, at Drumbeg park, getting familiar with an old arbutus tree. It was exhilarating.

Then October, thirteen of us, socially distanced we danced around a fire. I was so cold that I could hardly put my clothes back on, but the memory of the dance warmed my soul for weeks.

When you’re gathering a group of women for a photo each month, it takes time. Finding a day that works for most, checking the weather forecast—which changes daily, sourcing a location that ‘feels right’; and of course, making sure we’re staying within the current Covid guidelines.

It’s been worth every minute.

The photoshoots often bring me to tears. These aren’t just photoshoots. These images capture exquisite moments of trust and empowerment.

The Faerie Goddess Mothers arrive, in many cases tentatively, but trusting the process. One of the Goddesses, Carol, referred to it as a “rite of passage.” I like that.

Another Goddess, Joyanne, said, “I felt the strength of us as women, all of us stepping up and out of our comfort zones. Proud and beautiful.” A perfect description.

At every photoshoot the energy rises, and the air practically crackles from the power and joy of these amazing women. I bask in the intensity of it, breathing it in so the energy carries me through to the next month.

Don’t miss out on this calendar. You’re not just getting a series of amazing images, along with valuable nature-based information…you’re capturing the magic that happens when these women aged 50+ celebrate themselves and transform into Faerie Goddess Mothers.
Join us in our quest to make the world a better place.


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