The May photoshoot took place on the 28th. It was perfect. Our photographer, Deb Dallyn, captured the faeries at low tide with water and mountains in the background. The sand was almost perfect for sandcastles, just a little too wet. But it was fun to try, and we still managed to create somewhat of a castle. A perfect faerie castle.

Six faeries sat in the sun, cleansing their wings with soap bubbles, to the joyful sound of the accordion. There was laughter and lightness, and the goddesses were radiant. In the end, our faerie musician treated us to more than music, she poured glasses of fresh spring nectar to celebrate. We finished in perfect time just as more visitors arrived to enjoy the sunshine.

The photoshoots have moved from forests to wide-open spaces. There is such a different feel to them. The energy—it’s still there, but with a different vibration. I feel it at the photoshoots, and I see it in the images. We’re syncing right in tune with nature’s cycles, and I’ve never seen and felt it so clearly. It’s lovely. And once again, after the shoot, I feel buoyed by the joyful energy. I know it’ll carry me for a while.

Only three more photoshoots left. It’s hard to believe it’s been 9 months since the first one. As I look at the photos, I can see how each image captures the light from within each perfectly weathered goddess.  They resonate with comfort in their being. They really are magical. What a beautiful message they are sending out to the world…they are embracing aging.

This is a photo from the May shoot. The faeries chose to become invisible; they’re saving themselves for the calendar. Invisibility is just one of the many magical things that faeries can do. As we age, we can become invisible too…but only if we choose to do so.

faeries playing in the same

faerie magic

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